Having A Heart Like Mary’s

Hi Girls,

So glad to have you come across my blog here at God’s Woven Truth. I am so EXCITED to talk about Mary and her heart for Jesus. Just recently I have been reading the book, Having A Mary Heart In a Martha World, By Joanna Weaver. Not only has Mary come up in my own personal reading time, but she has come up in a college course I have been taking this semester, as we are focusing on Biblical Womanhood.

Mary was just one of many women who had the privilege of gazing at Christ in flesh with her very eyes. She had the opportunity to sit and listen to what He had to say and teach. She had the profound ability to touch His skin, feel His garments, and hear His voice. Could you imagine, having such an opportunity? To gaze upon, to touch, to feel, to smell, to see, to experience all who Jesus was in the flesh?

The Bible tells us in Luke 10 Mary was seated at the feet of Jesus listening to ALL he had to say listening to His word. Every word spoken by Jesus, Mary planted deep within her heart and soul. As her gaze was transfixed on Jesus, Her sister Martha was NOT happy. In fact, she was upset and even had the audacity to look at Jesus and ask Him, “Don’t you even care? Don’t you care Jesus that I am slaving away here in the kitchen as Mary sits with you?” Emphasis added mine. But what Jesus said to her was profound, His eyes shifted from Mary and the others around Him and looked at Martha and said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only ONE THING is Necessary, for Mary has Chosen the good part which shall not be taken away from her.

“Each Believer has a choice we can be a worker like Martha or a worshipper like Mary!”

What an amazing picture of imagery the Bible gives us of Mary in John 12. As you read this I want you to replace Mary with your self.

Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. John 12: 3

Now this isn’t just an ordinary bottle perfume this happens to be Mary’s dowry, her inheritance. Scholars say this particular bottle of perfume was worth a years wages. As we imagine ourselves in Mary’s position sitting at the Kings feet imagine yourself coming to the King with heart of gratitude and total abandonment. Mary came with her heart wide open as well as her soul. She wanted nothing more than Jesus. She could have bought all sorts of materialistic things with the money the Alabaster Jar offered, but in Mary’s eyes Jesus was far worth more than anything money could buy.

I picture Mary breaking the jar in great humility, holding nothing back from serving Jesus with all she had to give. She first pours it on His head, the fragrance fills the room, she then pours the rest on His feet, then taking down her hair from her head she wipes, she cries. SHE WORSHIPS her King! HOLDING NOTHING BACK! She didn’t save any for later or any for just in case. Mary gave Jesus the BEST she had. She refused to give Him her left overs. She gave Him her security and comfortability. She gave Jesus her entire future!! As each drop of ointment fell onto her King she lavished it on Him.  Mary’s love for Jesus held nothing back!

May we all have a heart like Mary’s. A heart that holds absolutely nothing back. A heart of abandonment. A heart that has a deep love for our King. Not a heart full of surface knowledge of who Jesus is, or might be. I am talking a heart FULL of  Intimate LOVE for Jesus Christ, far beyond anything we could possibly imagine.

Each drop of ointment that fell displayed a Devine array of Mary emptying herself out at Jesus’ feet. She poured out the very best she had. Her Love for Jesus could not be contained within her. Mary’s love for Jesus overflowed into action for all around her to see.

“Let our voices cry out in prayer asking Jesus to surround us with His sweet aroma. May all those around us see that we have been sitting at His feet!”

Ladies I know these words will find each of you in a different season of life. Which ever season they make themselves known to you, ask God to search your heart. What is holding you back from giving your all to Jesus?  Maybe you feel like you already are giving your all. Ask God to reveal if there is anything weighing you down from running the race that has been set before you. Lets all strive to have a heart like Mary’s, one of  true worship. Opening our heart bare before the throne in total abandonment before The King of Kings.

Every time we see Mary in the Bible she is at the feet of Jesus!

Ohhh, may we strive to have a heart Like Mary’s!! Hold nothing back girls. Sit with Him. REALLY sit with HIM. Get to know HIM. Just be with HIM. Allow Him to be the overflow of all you say and do each day. Be captivated by Him. He’s overwhelming!


With Love,

Jessica Parnell


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