A Woman’s High Calling

Jesus not only found Joy of what was to come after the cross, but He found Joy in being about The Father’s work daily. We should too. 

But first let’s take a look at what Jesus took Joy in. 

Turn to Matthew 27:27-37.

We see here in the text that Jesus was stripped of His clothing, having a crown of thorns being twisted upon His head, they knelt down before Him and Mocked Him, spat upon Him, they took the reed and began to beat Him upon the head.

This is a PG rated version of what really had taken place. In Psalm 22: 1-21 it says that Jesus was unrecognizable. 


Matthew 20:28 says, “Jesus came to SERVE and not to be served but to GIVE HIS LIFE as a Ransom for many.” 

Luke 9:51 

Jesus was DETERMINED-RESOLUTELY-STEADFASTLY going to Jerusalem. Knowing what laid ahead for Him He was DETERMINED and FOUND JOY in completing the Fathers work for His Life. Hebrews 12:2

Did Jesus Quit When Things Got Hard? Was Jesus afraid of Hard? NO!

Did Jesus Find Joy in His Obedience to The Father? YES!

Did Jesus Lash Out When People Started Mocking Him? NO!

Did Jesus Save Himself from Pain and Suffering? No, why? Because it brought GLORY to the Father.

Why Joy though? Because, Jesus was always about the Father’s work. He was doing what He was called to do, and it Glorified the Father and joy to His heart in pleasing to Him. Jesus wasn’t about Himself and leading a SELF filled life, He was always about the Father. When we were bought by the blood of Jesus we became about the work of The Father, we became about His business not our own.

1 Corinthians 6: 19

Jesus found joy in doing the work of The Father EVEN THOUGH it brought a tremendous amount of pain and suffering. 

Looking at Jesus as our example, do we have the same mindset Jesus had?

How can us as women be about The Father's work?

Check out Titus 2:3-5

God’s Word gives us clear instructions of what our purpose is as women. 

V: 3 Godly Behavior

V: 3 Not Gossips

V: 3 Not Enslaved To Too Much Wine.

V: 3 Teach what is good. (All of us know something good, we can share with the younger ladies.)

V: 4 Encouraging to others (Even those who are tough for us, the testy people)

V: 4 Be devoted to our husbands. (Asking God to not let it just be a marriage but a friendship)

Singles: now is your time to be devoted to Praying for your future husband. You can pray for God to continue to prepare and develop Him in the man He wants Him to be before giving Him to you, as a mate. Widows: You can be devoted to praying for other people marriages. 

V:4 Be devoted to your children. Children have been given to us as a blessing from above. They are GIFTS!! Are we stewarding our Children well? Are we shepherding them well? Singles: Your job in this is to pray for your future children, pray scripture over them. Empty Nesters: Your job is not over yet, Pray, for your grown sids, pray for your grandkids. Be devoted to your grandchildren. Proverbs 17:6 says, “Grandchildren are a crown of the aged.” For those of you who do not see kids in your future: Be devoted in praying for someone else’s child. Lord Knows we momma’s need your prayers. 

V:5 Walk in Wisdom. Wisdom comes from God. We will not know God’s wisdom if we are not spending time with Him. Proverbs 2:6 Wisdom comes from God only.

V:5 Be pure. What are you feasting on daily? Trash TV? Trashy Music? Or The Things of God. Romans 12 says we are to have a RENEWED mind. If we want to be pure we MUST feed on things that are PURE. Garbage in Garbage out. 

V:5 Be Focused on Your Home. Make it a sanctuary to all who enter. Maybe decluttering is a must, or reorganizing, whatever it maybe we as women are responsible for making our homes a resting place for our family.

V:5 Make it a priority to not dishonor The Word of God.

All of these callings above can be harder for some of us than others, each of us have be given our own race to run. We can have JOY even in the hard and suffering. 

Humanity was created for a relationship with God. Our sin separated that relationship. There is nothing that we could ever do to reconcile that relationship on our own. Jesus died on the cross for our sins He rose again on the third day that we might have life. He offers eternal life to those who will turn from their sin by placing faith in Jesus Christ. 

Our NUMBER ONE purpose in life is founded on this ONE relationship. If our LOVE relationship with the Father is broken, we are wondering aimlessly through life. We are created to have a relationship with our

creator. It’s only through this relationship that we will even know what we were created for.

If our Love relationship with the Father is thriving our lives will be lived with Joy and Determination to achieve our God given Purpose that has been laid before us. And we can do it with JOY even when it hurts, and suffering is involved. 

How are you living out your purpose? Aimlessly? Or on Purpose? Do you live your life on purpose like Jesus did?

Do you quit when things get hard and painful?

Do you find JOY in being about the Father’s Work living out the call He has put on your life even in the hard?

Are you AFRAID of HARD? Do you run from suffering?

Or do You press on for the upward call of your life In Christ Jesus? Not that you have already obtained or perfected it! STRIVE and RUN after it with all your MIGHT, Fixing your Eyes on Jesus!! Ridding yourself of what weighs you down or takes your focus. Finding JOY in being about the Father’s work EVEN when it gets hard, EVEN when suffering is involved, EVEN when people reject you for doing so. RUN to the FINISH line!!!

Keep running the race well ladies!!

He Is King, Jessica

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