FREE “Watch Your Mouth”Devo!! Download!! Printable

ATTENTION!!! Moms who have teenaged daughters. I am Super Duper stoked to announce Gods Woven Truth’s FREE Bible Study devotional download. This is something I have only dreamed about creating for at least three years. It has finally come to life!!!! So excited to be sharing with you all.

It has always been a passion and desire of mine to teach teens how to study their Bible as well as my own daughters. It is only recently that I have truly learned how to really do it myself. Which is why I think God has allowed this to come to life as such a time as this.

Throughout the last year of my life I have learned so much of what it looks like to have an intimate relationship with Jesus. He has taken me deeper into His truths and taught me that Bible study time is not about me, or me feeling an emotional high, or as I like to call it the liver quiver! It’s about setting down with Jesus opening up the Bible where the focus is on Him! The Goal of my devotionals are to deepen you and your daughters relationship with Him first and naturally you will grow closer with each-other.

As my Pastor, Paul Gotthardt Says, “Each of us have a different motivation in our quiet time before God; some look for pleasure, some seek discipline, some feel like they “have to” through obedience, some read because they feel like God maybe mad at them if they don’t, so they read the word out of guilt, some are just out right searching to know more about the Bible for knowledge, or they sit down to prepare a lesson for teaching. But NONE of these can replace true intimacy.” (Not a word for word quote from Paul) My emphasis added.

It has recently come to my attention that some moms don’t know how to train their girls how to read their words. There is nothing wrong with that. God gives us tools and people to come along side of us to teach us. The Goal of my Mom Talk Devos are to teach mom’s how to train their daughter’s how to KNOW GOD. The ONLY way to KNOW Him is by spending time with Him where the focus is on HIM! <~ Again Wisdom from my Pastor.

In the, Watch Your Mouth, devo you will find: four, five day, studies on the tongue. Focusing on three verses a day. You will hear from God Himself, how He warns us Not to talk, and how He longs for us to talk and use the tongues He has given us in the right way. Each day after you spend time with The Father, I urge you along the way to end in your prayer journals. If you need help journalling here’s a LINK to help you get started. Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus!

As you print out, Gods Woven Truth’s, “Watch Your Mouth Devo.” Spend some quality time with your girl. Look over the introduction together, gather the materials you may need to get started (Printable Color Coding Chart Coming Soon), and bow your heads and pray. Ask God to reveal Himself to you in a deeper way. Be teachable and allow the Spirit to guide you throughout your time with God.

I am SO excited for you to start this devo. Message me if you have any questions! Keep your eye out for the NEXT one.


Watch Your Mouth Printable Here


Jessica Parnell

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