Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus!

If God is the author of our lives why not write it out on a blank page and create the story He is writing in and through us?

Although journaling is not for everyone, nor does journaling make you anymore spiritual than a person who does not journal. Not all people will be interested in writing down their deepest conversations they have had before God.

If you choose to begin journaling each page of your life, and follow life chapter by chapter, you will experience a closeness with Jesus as you sit with Him each day and pour your heart out before Him. (Remember only one thing is needed) Luke 10:42

Journaling allows you to look back on the conversations you and the Almighty God once spoke, you will be able to capture His and your footsteps journeying along together side by side. Looking back allows you not to forget how far He has carried you, and reminds you that He has never left your side even though it sometimes feels like it.

“If a man write little he had need have a great memory” Francis Bacon.

Listed below are some advantages journaling adds to your life.

  •  A Journal is a place where we can give an expression to the foundation of our heart, where we can unreservedly pour out our passion before The Lord. Trust Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Psalm 62:8
  •  A journal helps us look back and remember what God has done. “I shall remember the deeds of The Lord; surely I will remember of your wonders of old.” Psalm 77:11-12
  • Journaling leaves a legacy on the life you lived as a Jesus follower. The journal your creating could leave an impact on the next generations to come, especially your children and grandchildren. “For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother and your mother Eunice, and I am sure it is in you as well. 2 Tim 1:5”
  •  Journaling allows you to examine your heart before God, it puts words to your thoughts.

What does journaling look like?

Journaling looks different for everyone. Nobody will have the same style or technique. Some will prefer to write by hand others would maybe want to type out their thoughts, some may write and entire page to where some may just have few words. Each journal will be different to fit each person.

First question you need to ask yourself…. What does journaling look like to you personally?

If you need an example I will show you mine, and give you an example of what journaling looks like to me. But I want to encourage you to find your own way, my way is the way God led me. Ask Him to show you, HE WILL LEAD YOU!!!


I have a regular spiral bound note book that cost about $3.00. A Regular .98 Pen.

I write the date, what time it is, and where I was sitting at the top of my page. This allows me to pin point exactly where I was in my life at that moment.

I also write on the very first line: PRAYER ON_________________!

I write down my prayer and then go back and fill in the blank of what my prayer was on, so when the time comes I can look back and search for the answer I received from God on that specific prayer I had in my life at that time.

Each morning when I have my quiet time, I sit at The Lord feet and do my Bible Study and pray over the scriptures God led me to that particular day. Praying scripture is one of my favorite things pray. God loves to hear His word recited back to Him, it also helps me see how Gods timeless Word applies to my life. There is nothing more powerful than praying God’s word.

I will then move on from there and pray for specific people, situations, and circumstances in my life in which I know needs prayer.

  • As with any discipline Journaling can be fruitful at any level of involvement. You can try to do it every day or once or twice a week. Like I said it will look different than mine or your closest friends. It’s your personal journey with Jesus tracing your friendship with Him.
  • When you start your journaling process I want to encourage you not to give up. Keep going even in the dry times, when you are walking through the wilderness and it seems like God is not hearing your prayers. Trust me He is hearing you, and my golly when He comes through, because HE WILL you can go back to that particular prayer and praise Him for showing His glory and finally answering you.
  • Before you can see the value of journaling, give it a year, once you have enough written down and you can go back and see God’s hand upon you. It allows you stand in Awe of OUR KING!

Remember when you sit down to write your story God Almighty has given you, you are sitting with your friend! Pour out your heart before Him, He cares for you. He will give you rest, and He will answer your prayers, it’s amazing to watch. WHAT A FRIEND WE HAVE IN JESUS!!

At His Feet,

Jessica Parnell

5 thoughts on “Sitting At The Feet Of Jesus!

  1. Carolyn Charlton says:

    Hi! Jessica, this is Carolyn (Faiths grandma) from SVB church. Thank you for sharing how to journal, I love it😍


    • Jessica Parnell says:

      Oh I am so thankful this is helpful for you! Praying for you NOW, that God will give you the endurance, wisdom, and knowledge as you grow in your walk with Him each day!! Let me know if you have any questions! ~Jessica


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