10 Reasons Why I Don’t Regret Our Decision To Homeschool. Part 2

If you are just joining my blog post this is part 2 of 10 Reasons I Didn’t Want To Home School. If you haven’t read part one, start there. 🙂

I would love to start this blog off, telling each one of you how excited I was to start homeschooling both of my daughters. Unfortunately, that would be a down right lie. The entire summer I dreaded it. Absolutely. Dreaded. It. To the point of when the curriculum hit my door step, I opened the package and separated it and got overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. I knew deep down that this is something as a mom I needed to do for my children, but I still fought it with everything I had inside of me. After all the prayers that were prayed God finally answered and He answered in a way that I didn’t want any part of.

As we were struggling at the end of last school year, I had made a phone call to a good friend of mine, she’s more a mentor to me than anything, someone who is near and dear to my heart. I had told her what had went on in the meetings and what was said, she also confirmed to me that homeschooling was the way to go. She tried telling me to homeschool a year prior, but I declined and went forward with our insanity. She shared with me, that all children don’t have the same maturity level, they all are unique And different in they way they learn. She stated each child learns at different paces depending on how they are developing cognitively, and socially,and not all kids learn exactly the same way. Which is true, God created us to be different, so why should we fall into the comparison trap and compare our kids to some set standards that the government has set?

This is the problem with the common core curriculum that is set in place in most of the states, teachers are no longer allowed to use their gift of teaching but are told how and what they are to teach. It’s either the common core way or no way. Teachers are no longer allowed to teach a child who would learn else-ways a different way other than the common core way. This only doesn’t allow the teachers to use their own God given gift of teaching, but it also hinders the children of being able to grow mentally and academically in the way the God created them as individuals.

With all this being said I honestly doubted my ability and couldn’t believe that God was calling me to something that would interrupt my life as I knew it.

Yesterday, our pastor preached on how God called Moses through a burning bush to go and free the Israelites from the Egyptians. Talk about an interruption of life! Sounds crazy right? This is why I love Gods Word, it’s a manual for our life, it’s the only way to find out what our true purpose is on this earth. God created each human for a purpose, a purpose for Him and His kingdom. Without knowing God fully we will never fully know our purpose in life.

In Exodus Chap 3 and 4 God called Moses out to do what He created him for. Moses was full of excuses and reasons of why he thought he couldn’t do what God was calling him to do. Moses said to God who am I do this(V3:11)? Who shall I say sent me (V3:13)? What if they will not believe me (V4:1)? In (V4:10) Moses begged The Lord, I have never been fluent in speaking, I am slow of speech I am slow of tongue. The Best one (V4:13) Lord Can’t you send someone else? Because I don’t want to do it!

I have found myself saying these exact excuses to God the last six months of my life  more than once. Especially the last one, God I just don’t want to do this!

I love Gods response to Moses in all of his excuses. In (V3:12) God says I will be with you. In (V3:14) God says tell them I AM sent you. In (V4:11) Am I not the one who created you just the way you are? For My Purpose? Go and I will be with your mouth, and I will teach you what you are to say. 

When I say I can’t, God says I CAN!! God says I will speak through you, I will go before you, I will be with you. 


God is looking for ordinary insecure and unprepared people to play significant roles in His story. 

My ten reasons of why I don’t regret our decision to homeschool starts here, Right here with Me and the God of the universe.

1) God called me out, He said I will go with you.

2) I see that my girls are REALLY LEARNING and I am learning right along with them!!

3) God says to me, I will teach you how to do this, and He has!

4) I see that my girls now have confidence in themselves and in their work.

5) God said I created you for this season of your life, this is right where I need to be.

6) My girls attitudes is one of the biggest changes that I see. They are no longer stressed out about their school work. They learn their own way, at their own pace. And are maturing and developing mentally and physically without any rush to meet any set standards.

7) My relationship with The Lord has grown stronger through my obedience.

8) My girls love it, and say they’re  going to homeschool their own kids. 🙂 I am going to start praying for them now!! HA!

9) It’s Working!!! God answered my prayer!

10) They are learning the truth of Gods word through their curriculum. No longer any evolution or the earth’s age being billion and billions years old. Nothing but ABSOLUTE TRUTH! For this I am most thankful.

Coming face to face with God sets me straight EVERYTIME!

I am so grateful for my Pastors sermon yesterday, God blessed my heart so much through him. I am grateful for all the support that I have in my family, friends and my church family. When God Shows Up He Shows OUT! 

I thank The Lord for calling me to homeschool. As mom’s we are our children’s voice. My girls were drowning and I was their only saving grace, I had to get them a life vest  and that so happened to be me surrendering my life for such a season as this. Amongst my stubbornness God stepped in and showed me the way. We only get one chance at raising our children, and it’s only for a short season of life. What we instill in our children today will sculpt them and make them who they will be in the future. As for me and my House we will serve The Lord!



Jessica Parnell

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