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My name is Jessica I am a girl who loves Jesus, a wife to my very very best friend, and a homeschool mom (not by choice but by Gods calling on my life).

I created Gods Woven Truth to point people to Jesus and share a little bit of what He has done in and through my family and I’s lives, (To Tell My Story Is To Tell Of Jesus).  My goal is God will be glorified through every post and that you may learn the truths about His Word. The name of my blog came to me on a Sunday morning as I was teaching the youth group at church. I was explaining to them how The Bible is weaved together and how it all intermingles and intertwines throughout scripture. It’s absolutely amazing to me! Scripture interperates scripture!! Gods Woven Truth was birthed a couple weeks after this.

One area God has put on my heart is to share my journey of homeschooling my two daughters and how we got to this point. Homeschooling was something I never wanted to do, nor was it ever something I thought I would be doing. It was an unforeseen answer to my years of praying for my daughters academically and spiritually. I have come to absolutely love having my girls home and watching them learn and grow. We have some sweet moments and precious time together in which we would not have if they were in school. Now don’t get me wrong we have some tough days. Some. Very. Tough. Days. Homeschool has taught us a lot as a family, it has taught us to love eachother deeper and to forgive faster. To leave yesterday behind, and as my oldest daughter Emmalee says it, “each day is a new day mama.” Needless to say we have learned to start each day as a new and fresh day!

Another area of my home I would like to welcome you in, is my kitchen by sharing recipies we as a family have tried and enjoyed together. So that you may do the same with your family.

Another area I will be sharing is book and Bible study recommendations that have read and done! There is no greater book full of wisdom and knowledge than the Bible itself, so I recommend you starting there first! God has blessed us with strong Christian authors who are able to mentor us right at our very own kitchen table!! Their journey and experiences can reaffirm what Gods word says in the areas of growth we are seeking.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Stacy Mitchell says:

    Love you Jess! Love to see how you have grown and matured in the Lord. I know He will bless you and your family as you follow Him and His word and continue to share what He has done with the world.


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