I Was Once That Baby!


I find myself here at my kitchen table looking at the blank screen here on my iPad, as I sit here and think to myself “is it even worth posting about?  is it going to do anything?” Everyone has their own opinion, so why should I even try to share mine? I am just measly ol’ me. Nobody important, just a mom and a wife, in a little ol’ house.

But, as I sit here beside my two daughters as they work diligently on their school work, I can’t help but feel the need to share about the political realm that our country is in. As we got home from church last night, I changed into my sweats and tee to get ready for bed. As I am winding down from my day, I log onto my social media account and see what has or what is becoming of our nation. You see the main thing here that bothers me, is that everyone is out for themselves and for their own agenda. I really contemplated this scenario in my head for a moment. If we all put aside our selfishness and desires, I truly think we all would look at this election a little differently. In our society it is all about what our country can do for us, and no longer what can WE do for our country.

Scrolling down my news feed I see posts and more posts about each candidate. One particular post struck me straight to my core, and it was the one were Hillary Clinton stated “that abortion at nine month term (not that it makes any difference what term the woman is in) is one of the worst choices any woman has to make.” I really would like to know when choosing if one should live or die became a choice?

A time to give birth and a time to die; Ecc 3:2

As I sat and read these articles, truthfully I got furious of how anyone in their right mind could think that this isn’t murder, and call it a choice. There are women here in America that are not physically able to have children who would adopt these babies not matter the situation the mother was or is found in, there are clinics that will come along side a troubled mother and provide the means and materials for the women in poverty, there are women here in America that have lost a child who would do anything just to see their face again one more time, as a woman sitting next to her is considering killing hers, because she thinks there is no way out!

I find myself here at a point in my life to say these words, to ALL Americans because I once was that baby in the womb of a woman, where everyone around her was telling her to get an abortion, that it wasn’t possible, that she wasn’t ready yet, all because I was an unplanned and illegitimate pregnancy. But that woman (my mother) chose to stand in opposition to what the people around her encouraged her to do. And here I sit,  defending the lives of the unborn with what little weight my words carry. I look at the faces of my children and thank The Lord that my mom chose to stand against what  some people in America call a choice, not only did my mom chose to give me life, but she also chose to give my two daughters life, and their children life. I wasn’t an option for her, we were each others saving grace. Thank you MOM!!!

Gods word tells us in Proverbs 31:8 to “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.”

I have sat across tables and attended seminars in the midst of strong independent women, who thought they didn’t have a choice and went through with abortions, some of these women struggle greatly to get through their own lives because of the choice they made years ago. What they thought was right in the now, was something they live to regret and feel great remorse for today. These strong independent women today have forgiven themselves, and have been forgiven and have been redeemed by the blood that was shed on the cross on Calvary! They now stand up and tell women that there are other options and abortion isn’t one of them! These women have great testimonies, that show God’s Mercy and Grace, testimonies that will reach more women than I or anyone else could ever dream of. Go gettem GIRLS!

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose! Roman 8:28

If you are a Hillary Clinton Supporter I encourage you to put away your selfish desires, it’s no longer about us, it’s not about our past, it’s not about what America can do for us economically or even financially. In my opinion this election is based on life or death of innocent babies. People might think I am crazy, but I am okay with that because I am crazy, I am crazy about what the Word of God says and I only stand for an audience of One! All PEOPLE should be standing up and speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves, and in this case it is the unborn babies who are being crushed by the lies of our enemy, and in my case a baby that could have once been me.

For what it is worth,

Jessica Parnell



2 thoughts on “I Was Once That Baby!

  1. Amber says:

    Jessica I love this and thank you so much for sharing!!! This holds a very special place in my heart for reasons I can’t explain right now!! You are so inspiring to me and you have such a great voice that all should hear!! I’m sitting here balling I am so touched my your words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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